Work experience - Oldknow's Legacy

Last Update 6 Jul 2016 · Posted 6 Jul 2016 · Pamela Pearson

The Oldknows project has made me realise we often take for granted the environments on our doorstep without realising the wealth of history they hold.

I choose to do my work experience in the field of History as this is the subject I wish to pursue to degree level. The Oldknows project has made me realise that we often overlook the History directly around us. Working alongside them has helped me develop my knowledge of Marple's rich history and I now feel I know more about the area I grew up in than ever before. I am also now aware of what many of the biazarre and unique structures around Marple actually are and what their past use/relevance would have been. It's fantastic that this area of Local History is finally being delved into.

The day to day variation in tasks during my week’s involvement has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work experience. Every element of the project was thrilling, intriguing and relevant as the History being discovered is the History that helped shaped Marple into the place it is today. I was particularly keen on the idea of introducing Oldknows Legacy into the school curriculum. This meant that helping to prepare research and lesson packs to distribute to primary school teachers was highly rewarding, as I never got the opportunity to learn about local History in Primary myself. Learning about it now it is clear just how relevant to a younger demographic local history is. For a younger age group to be able to envisage the past around them through artifacts and photos depicting a changing local area makes the topic far more engaging.



Take a look! Just a small list of all the things achieved other the 4 years.

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