Hot Lime Mortar building skills

Last Update 16 Mar 2017 · Posted 16 Mar 2017 · Pamela Pearson

Learn the traditional skill of mixing hot lime mortar and use it to build a wall!


Discover everything you ever wanted to know about Lime Kilns (and some things you didn't) by taking part in our one off lime kiln build and burn!

Working with Mark Womersley, expert in historic buildings, on this second day of activity, you will mix traditional hot lime mortar. Removing the burnt lime from the kilns you will mix it with sand from the same sources Samuel Oldknow used. Then using your mortar, you will have a go at building a wall.

You can book on both days, or just on this one.

We will provide personal protective equipment but we ask that you wear safety boots, or at the very least, sturdy walking boots. Book your place here.



Take a look! Just a small list of all the things achieved other the 4 years.

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