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Last Update 26 Aug 2016 · Posted 26 Aug 2016 · Pamela Pearson

Over the summer, Marple Naturalists have been helping the Oldknows Legacy Project by undertaking wildlife surveys in the area.


Over the summer, the intrepid Marple Naturalists have been helping the Oldknow's Legacy team by carrying out a wildlife survey (plants, animals, and insects) around the Peak Forest Canal and Marple Aqueduct, Oldknow's Lime Kilns, and Mellor Mill. The information they gather will help us to create a detailed walks leaflet, allowing visitors to find their own way between sites, and hopefully discover a little bit of nature along the way.




Jane Michael, of Marple Naturalists said; "For three nights, we took recording sheets, books, and cameras, and noted down everything we saw along the various routes. We found a wide range of flora including unusual Polypody ferns and three different types of Willowherb! Ducks, heron, and song thrushes are among the fauna spotted; with bees and dragonflies also featuring in the lists."


The surveys conducted during this summer will be added to the information already gathered by Marple Naturalists in the spring, where wild garlic and bluebells featured. When autumn arrives, the hardy Naturalists will be out again! While things will be a little quieter, they'll be hoping to see plenty of weird and interesting funghi.

We say a huge thank you for all their help, and if you are interested in finding out more information about Marple Naturalists, please search for 'Marple Naturalists' on Facebook or on the Marple website!


Take a look! Just a small list of all the things achieved other the 4 years.

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