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Thumb Photograph of workmen on Lock 7 This photograph of men working on Lock 7. The picture perhaps dates from the 1930/40s Unknown canalmarple lockslock 7
Thumb Photograph of Glen Cottage Lock 6 At lock 6 there used to be a lock-keeper's cottage called Glen Cottage but it was demolished during the 1960's. This picture is from the early 1900... Unknown canallock 6marple locksglen cottage
Thumb Photographs of before and after Lock 1 clearing 1967 These before and after photographs of Lock 1, taken from the 1967 Marple Rally of Boats programme, illustrate how badly the condition of the locks ... From 1 Jan 1967 to 31 Dec 1967 canalmarple locksLock 1
Thumb Postcard Lock 1, 1908 Dated 1908 Aqueduct House can just be made out in the distance. Alongside Lock No. 1 is a private house called "Bottom Lock House", which was origi... From 1 Jan 1908 to 31 Dec 1908 marple lockscanalLock 1
Thumb Photograph of a Packet Boat at The Winding Hole This picture above shows just how incredibly busy these so-called packet-boats were before the railways took over. This is despite Joel Wainwright ... Unknown winding holemarplecanalboat
Thumb Photograph Marple Aqueduct c1900 The Aqueduct viewed from the footpath to Watermeetings Farm around a hundred years ago. Unknown photographlockscanalaqueduct
Thumb Postcard 'The Aqueduct, Marple' c1900 This postcard shows a scene approaching the Aqueduct from the Narrows, in the early 1900's, with what appears to be the derelict shell of the first... Unknown canalaqueductlocks
Thumb Lock 12 Lock 12 out of 16 which make up the Marple flight. Each lock has a pond alongside to hold water from the next higher lock when the gate is opened,... 26 Mar 2003 marple lock flightpondcanallock
Thumb Lock 13 Lock 13 out of 16 which make up the Marple flight 26 Mar 2003 bridgelockcanalmarple lock flight
Thumb Lock 9 on Peak Forest Canal & Oldknow's warehouse Oldknow built a warehouse on St.Martin's Road for the transfer of goods to or from the Peak Forest canal to or from road vehicles. St.Martin's roa... 25 Apr 1964 lockcanalmarple lock flightmarplemellor millpeak forest canal
Thumb Top Lock cottages Top Lock cottages are alongside the Macclesfield canal near the junction with the Peak Forest canal. Oldknow was involved in planning this canal al... 11 Mar 1964 marple lock flightmarplecanal
Thumb Arches over former canal spur There used to be a spur of the canal so that barges could take the finished lime from the building on Strines Road to the main canal between locks ... Circa 1960
Between 1 Jan 1960 and 31 Dec 1970
posset bridgecanalmarple lock flightmarple lime kilns
Thumb Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history Typed notes on Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history in relation to Oldknow Unknown oldknowdocumentcanal bridgecanalhyde bank estate romileyhyde bank hall