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Thumb Washer Washer . Part of engine hold-down mechanism. Matching spanner and nut itemised elsewhere in archive. Unknown enginefindmellor millwasher
Thumb Volunteer working in Waterloo Wheel Pit Photograph of volunteer working in Waterloo Wheel Pit Unknown waterloo wheel pitmellor millvolunteerphotograph
Thumb Unwin obituary Appreciation of George Unwin, his life, work and connection to Edinburgh University, from The Scotsman dated Feb 3 1925. Item includes details of... 3 Feb 1925 mill papers discoveryscotsmanmellor milldocumentunwin
Thumb Tythe Map, Lime kilns, Long Row Ordnance Survey Tythe Map, showing relative locations of Long Row (later Brick Row),New Marple (later Stone Row) Garden House, Lime Kilns & Mellor... From 31 Jan 1850 to 31 Dec 1850 river goytmellor milllime kilnsgarden housestone rownew marplebrick rowlong rowtythe map
Thumb Three fliers from spinning machines Three fliers of different sizes from spinning machines. Found in mechanical workshop. Unknown findmellor millfliers
Thumb Text of speech by John Hearle given at the opening ceremony for the Wellington Wheel Pit Text of speech by John Hearle given at the opening ceremony for the Wellington Wheel Pit on Saturday March 10th, 2012. 10 Mar 2012 John Hearlewellington wheel pitmellor mill
Thumb Stockport Advertiser extract re treatment of employees after fire Copy of extract from Stockport Advertiser 17 Nov 1892 about 200 employees thrown out of work after fire gutted Mellor Mill. They also lost their ac... 17 Nov 1892 Stockport Advertiseremployeesdocument1892firemellor mill
Thumb Steam engine part Steam engine part. Found in engine house Unknown steam engine partfindmellor mill
Thumb Square Key Square key found in the boiler house at Mellor Mill. Roughly 22cm long and 5cm wide. Unknown boilerhousefindsquare keymellor mill
Thumb Spanner with matching nut and washer Large spanner with nut and washer in matching sizes for a bolt to secure an engine. Found in Mellor Mill. Length of spanner approximately 90cm an... Unknown findwashernutspannermellor mill
Thumb Small section of steam engine Small section of steam engine. Found in engine house. Unknown findmellor millengine housesteam engine
Thumb Small roller from spinning machine Small roller from spinning machine. Part of drive shaft. Unknown mellor millspinning machine rollerfind
Thumb Small clog heel Small clog heel. Found in rear mill staircase Unknown findmellor millsmall clog wheel
Thumb Section of Spinning Machine Bed Machine bed from Samuel Brooks spinning machine. Found in corridor at the back of Mellor Mill. Top left hand section remaining. Letters in rel... Unknown findmellor millspinning machinesamuel brooksmachine bed
Thumb Section of fire bar Section of fire bar from steam boiler grate. Found in boiler house coal store. Unknown boiler housefindmellor millfire bar
Thumb Ring spinner cog - top down view Ring spinner cog. From later in history Unknown findmellor millring spinner cog
Thumb Ring spinner cog Ring spinner cog Unknown findmellor millring spinner cog
Thumb Reference section enlarged plan of Mellor Mill Index for Mellor Mill Plan Hand written list From 1 Jan 1867 to 31 Dec 1867 buildingsroomsmellor millplan
Thumb Records of purchases for Mellor Mill Various extracts from Oldknow company records of purchases for Mellor Mill throwing light on equipment and working methods, also Oldknow's rental o... From 1 Jan 1797 to 31 Dec 1801 receiptrent paymentpower transmission equipmill purchasestraden farmtruck moneymagnetsteel wirecandlesoldknowcompany recordsmellor mill
Thumb Pulley wheel Pulley wheel. Possibly from secondary drive shaft, or another machine. Found in rear staircase of mill. Unknown findmellor millpulley wheel
Thumb Press cutting from the Stockport Express, 21 September, 2011 Press cutting from the Stockport Express asking for volunteers to help with the archaeological excavation of Mellor Mill. 21 Sep 2011 oldknowarchaeologyvolunteerwellington wheel pitmellor mill
Thumb Press cutting from the Stockport Express, 12 February, 2014 Press cutting from the Stockport Express rearding the £1.5m Heritage Lottery Fund grant awarded to the Canal & River Trust in partnership with Mell... 12 Feb 2011 oldknowlime kilnsmarple aqueductmellor mill
Thumb Poster prohibiting swearing Poster prohibiting Swearing 1 Dec 1797 mellor millrulecursingdrunkennesssamuel oldknow
Thumb Pocket watch Pocket watch found in north spiral staircase at Mellor Mill Unknown mellor millfindpocket watch
Thumb Plough shear Plough shear. Found on cobbled frontage of mill. Unknown findmellor millplough shear
Thumb Plan of Mellor Mill 1909 Plan of Mellor Mill extracted from Ordnance Survey annotated with features, 1909 Unknown ordnance surveymellor millplan
Thumb Plan of Mellor Mill 1867 (after Ashmore 1989) Plan of Mellor Mill (after Ashmore 1989). Reproduced from Stockport: A History, by Peter Arrowsmith 1 Jan 1867 planarrowsmithashmoremellor mill
Thumb Photo of Waterloo Wheel Pit 1964 Black and white photo of Waterloo Wheel Pit 1964. Shows entrance to channel leading to one of the wheels - all that remained visible of the mill at... 15 Aug 1964 photographmellor millwaterloo wheel pit
Thumb Photo of entrance to saw pits Black and white photo showing entrance to saw pits at Mellor Mill .Dated 1938 and signed 'Fletcher'. From 1 Jan 1938 to 31 Dec 1938 saw pitsphotomellor mill
Thumb Past and present Goyt course Map illustrating past and present Goyt course at Mellor Mill (as altered by Oldknow) Unknown mellor millmapoldknowGoyt