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Thumb Reminiscences of Mellor Lodge Reminiscences of Mellor Lodge : 1. from Mr Fletcher, a Marple resident. He mentions the water wheel in the basement kitchen used to turn roasting s... Unknown documentold hallstrawberry hillmiss allan's schoolmr fletchermemories
Thumb Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history Typed notes on Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history in relation to Oldknow Unknown oldknowdocumentcanal bridgecanalhyde bank estate romileyhyde bank hall
Thumb Time line for Samuel Oldknow (8 pages) author unknown Detailed timeline for Samuel Oldknow (8 pages), author unknown. Unknown documenttimelineoldknow
Thumb Oldknow Life and Times by Joseph Wright of Derby c 1790 - 92 Copy of article on Oldknow Life and Times by Joseph Wright of Derby c 1790 - 92, as revised by A.C.Howe on date unknown. Extracted from Oxford Dict... Unknown joseph wrightoxford dictionary of national biographyoldknowdocument
Thumb Chronological chart of Oldknow's development as a cotton manufacturer Chronological chart and summary of Oldknow's development as a cotton manufacturer, with greater detail for years 1786 - 1795. Unknown chronological summarydocumentcotton manufactureroldknow
Thumb Inward migration of labour to Mellor Mill Brief notes on background to movement of labour from south and east of England to northern counties between 1835 - 1837 to meet demand for workforc... Unknown labourmigrationJohn BeardCranfieldworkforcedocumentmellor mill
Thumb Departure of Samuel Oldknow as County Sherriff P2 Copied extract no 2 from Stockport Advertiser 1824 re pageantry on departure of Samuel Oldknow as County Sherriff to Derby Assizes session. Unknown Stockport AdvertiserhospitalityDerby Assizepageantrysheriff of derbyshiredocumentoldknow
Thumb Hillgate House, Stockport Advertiser article Photocopy of article from Stockport Advertiser about Hillgate House where Oldknow lived in Stockport. Includes photograph of house, details of its ... Unknown oldknowcotton manufacturingstockportphotographdocumenthillgate houseStockport Advertiser
Thumb Apprentice numbers at Mellor Mill .Brief notes on numbers of apprentices at Mellor Mill in 1794-4. Summary of information from book 'Labour Migration' (author and publication detail... Unknown documentlabourmellor millapprentices
Thumb Information supplied by George Lenthall, resident of Marple Lodge and Mellor Lodge in 1890s (2 pages) Recollections of Marple and Mellor Lodges, their layout, an account of landslide in 1893/4 and aftermath of mill fire. Mention of Miss Allen, kind... Unknown memorieslandslidemiss allenkindergartendocument1890smellor lodgemarple lodgegeorge lenthalltom oldham
Thumb Information from local residents Hugh Fletcher and Mrs L Taylor (5 pages) Recollections recorded from 2 local residents at antiquarian society meeting. Topics include Lime Kilns and their operation; life in cottages; cana... Unknown shepley millbobbin millchurch lane schoolwastersidecanal trafficpossett bridgelime kilnsmrs l taylorhugh fletchermemoriesdocument
Thumb Flexible labour at Mellor Mill Brief notes on flexible nature of workforce in late 1790s, detailing Oldknow's ability to provide outdoor work for his employees during quiet spel... Unknown gardenmellor lodgedocumentflexible labourmellor mill
Thumb Casual labour at Mellor Mill Brief notes on background to nature of casual labour in mills in late 18th century with specific numbers given for Mellor Mill. Unknown wages listscasual labourdocumentmellor mill
Thumb Freemasonry in Marple Article from Marple community website on freemasonry in Marple which mentions Lodge membership of Oldknow, his benevolent nature and the plaque to ... 7 Jul 2017 documentall saints churcholdknowfreemasonry
Thumb Press article on new book about Samuel Oldknow Newspaper cutting about the launch of Hilary Atkinson's new book on the life of Samuel Oldknow (Marple Review Autumn 2016). From 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Nov 2016 bookdocumenthilary atkinsonsamuel oldknowpress article
Thumb Emails between Robert Williams and Bob Humphrey-Taylor ( 3 pages) Emails exchanged between Robert Williams, whose doctoral work included studies of Oldknow's business management and accounting practices) and Bob H... 15 Jul 2015 memoriesbob humphrey-taylorphdRobert Williamsdocumentmellor millaccounting practices
Thumb Business details of John Clayton's company Extract from email giving details of John Clayton's company. Gleaned from Worrall's Trade Directories for 1887 1n 1891, Board of Trade files and t... 21 Jun 2012 documentboard of trade filesLondon Gazettejohn clayton & co ltd
Thumb Letter regarding first sighting of fire Letter claiming mill fire first spotted by footplate crew of train on Marple - New Mills line 6 Jul 1993 fire sighting by train crewdocumentfiremellor mill
Thumb Information on Marple Landslip 1893 Update by Warwick Burton in 1980 to book "Railways of Marple and District" published 1794. Gives details of the Marple Landslip in December 1893 be... From 1 Jan 1980 to 31 Dec 1980 documentrailwaymarple lodgelandslip
Thumb Letter re lack of records for Derbyshire Agricultural Society Typewritten letter from Derbyshire Library Services regarding Derbyshire Agricultural Society, of which Oldknow was President. It states that there... 19 Jul 1979 oldknowdocumentderbyshire agricultural society
Thumb Information about Mellor Mill from local resident George Yeates via Tom Oldham Typewritten notes from memories apparently collected by Tom Oldham from a local resident, George Yeates. Includes descriptions and personal reminis... From 31 Dec 1969 to 31 Dec 1979 memoriesgeorge yeatestom oldhamdocumentoldknowcounting houseaccount bookslinnet clough mill pondwaterloo wheelspade forge
Thumb Article on disrepair of Mellor Lodge Article from Manchester Guardian in 1946 deploring decay of Mellor Lodge, illustrated by black and white photo of ruined building. Article recounts... From 1 Jan 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 manchester guardianpress articledocumentsamuel oldknowmellor lodge decay
Thumb Unwin obituary Appreciation of George Unwin, his life, work and connection to Edinburgh University, from The Scotsman dated Feb 3 1925. Item includes details of... 3 Feb 1925 mill papers discoveryscotsmanmellor milldocumentunwin
Thumb Auction notice for Mellor Lodge 1924 Notice for auction of Mellor Lodge, probably 1924.Document states that property had previously been held on lease since 1919 by a Mr C H Creasy. From 1 Jan 1924 to 31 Dec 1924 documentauctionmellor lodge
Thumb Handwritten extracts from Stockport Advertiser re Stressed Employees Fund (2 pages) Handwritten extracts from Stockport Advertiser articles (on Dec 9, 13 and 30 1892 and Jan - Apr 1893) about fundraising for Stressed Employees); fo... From 9 Dec 1892 to 14 Apr 1893 mill rebuildingfundraising eventsdocumentstressed employees fundfiremellor mill
Thumb Cheshire County News extract re fire and outlook for workers Copy of cutting from Cheshire County News 17 Nov 1892 describing fire, fire damage and dismal prospects for employees 17 Nov 1892 documentemployeesCheshire County Newsfire damagefire descriptionmellor mill
Thumb Glossop Chronicle extract re fire Copy of extracted details from Glossop Chronicle giving basic facts of mill and fire 17 Nov 1892 oldknowspinningdocumentemployeesfiremellor mill
Thumb Stockport Advertiser extract re treatment of employees after fire Copy of extract from Stockport Advertiser 17 Nov 1892 about 200 employees thrown out of work after fire gutted Mellor Mill. They also lost their ac... 17 Nov 1892 Stockport Advertiseremployeesdocument1892firemellor mill
Thumb Transcribed extract from 1891 census Transcribed extract from 1891 census including details for Mellor Lodge and Bottoms Hall From 1 Jan 1891 to 31 Dec 1891 documentbottoms hallmellor lodge1891 census
Thumb Auction noitce of Olknow's Mellor and Marple estate 1889 Notice of sale by auction of freehold estate formerly comprising Oldknow's estate and subsequebtly transferred to John Clayton. Sale ordered by tru... 6 Jul 1889 Manchester courierdocumentredrow cottagesmellor milljohn claytonPeter Arkwrightauction