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Thumb Gravestone thought to be of John Clayton's wife Photocopy of photograph of gravestone thought to be of John Clayton's wife, Hannah, in All Saints Church, Marple Unknown all saints churchphotographmarplehannah claytongravestone
Thumb Information from local residents Hugh Fletcher and Mrs L Taylor (5 pages) Recollections recorded from 2 local residents at antiquarian society meeting. Topics include Lime Kilns and their operation; life in cottages; cana... Unknown shepley millbobbin millchurch lane schoolwastersidecanal trafficpossett bridgelime kilnsmrs l taylorhugh fletchermemoriesdocument
Thumb Reviews doubtful of Oldknow's glowing reputation Copies of reviews doubtful of Oldknow's glowing reputation, from English Historical Review (Sidney pollard, University of Sheffield) and from Armyt... Unknown doubts on reputationenglish historical reviewoldknow
Thumb Marple Lime Kilns, Bays 3,4 and 5 The Lime Kilns bays 3, 4 and 5 showing the clear "Architectural" features Unknown architectural featuresbayslime kilnsmarple
Thumb Memorial plaque to John Clayton Photograph of entire memorial plaque to John Clayton in Bell Tower, All Saints Unknown bell towermarpleall saints churchjohn claytonmemorial plaquephotograph
Thumb Chartist disturbances involving workers Extract from Stockport Advertiser re Chartist disturbances involving local mill workers in 1842 Unknown chartistsStockport Advertiserworkersmellor mill
Thumb Time line for Samuel Oldknow (8 pages) author unknown Detailed timeline for Samuel Oldknow (8 pages), author unknown. Unknown documenttimelineoldknow
Thumb Door handle Ceramic door handle found in Mellor Lodge Unknown mellor lodgefinddoor handle
Thumb Helical gear wheel split into two Helical gear wheel from spinning machine. Split into two parts. Unknown spinning machinefindmellor millhelical gear wheel
Thumb Extract from 'English Historical' Review Extract from 'English Historical' Review, of two modern comments on Samuel Oldknow. Unknown Armytage Heavensuniversity of sheffieldSidney Pollardbankruptcywindfall profitssamuel oldknowenglish historical review
Thumb Gravestone thought to be of John Clayton's wife Photograph of situation in graveyard of gravestone thought to be of John Clayton's wife, Hannah. All Saints Church , Marple Unknown marpleall saints churchphotographgravestonehannah clayton
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church Marple Photocopy of 3 photographs of Samuel Oldknow's plaque in All Saints Church , Marple: the marble plaque, the inscription, the memorial's prominent ... Unknown photographmemorial inscriptionmarpleall saints churchmemorial plaqueoldknow
Thumb Chronological chart of Oldknow's development as a cotton manufacturer Chronological chart and summary of Oldknow's development as a cotton manufacturer, with greater detail for years 1786 - 1795. Unknown chronological summarydocumentcotton manufactureroldknow
Thumb Fire bar section Fire bar section from steam boiler grate. Found in boiler house coal store Unknown findboiler housemellor millfire bar
Thumb Hillgate House, Stockport Advertiser article Photocopy of article from Stockport Advertiser about Hillgate House where Oldknow lived in Stockport. Includes photograph of house, details of its ... Unknown oldknowcotton manufacturingstockportphotographdocumenthillgate houseStockport Advertiser
Thumb Large photo of Mellor Lodge Large black and white photo of Mellor Lodge, south-facing elevation across gardens with river in foreground. Unknown mellor lodgephoto
Thumb Top Lock Bridge Bridge over Macclesfield canal at junction with Peak Forest Canal, Marple Unknown marplemarple lockspeak forest canalmacclesfield canal
Thumb Jamaica to Mellor An Apprentice's Tale. Ann Maria Vanpine's lifestory. Unknown wesleyan methodist association schoolroommellor millred rowbrick rowhenry wigleyann wigleyduke of york's royal military asylumann maria vanpineapprenices
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's corn mill before fire Photograph of Samuel Oldknow's corn mill in Mellor before fire in 1892. Front elevation(with gable end) of three storey building showing road in f... Before 31 Dec 1892 photographfireMellorcircular stone plaquecorn millolknow
Thumb Pictorial representation of Mellor Bottoms Mill, drawn By Squeaky Dixon Pictorial representation of Mellor Bottoms Mill, drawn By Squeaky Dixon Unknown bottoms millmellor mill drawingssqueaky dixon
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 5 Photocopy of original list of apprentices at Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840 Unknown royal military asylumLt. colonel williamsonglossopsamuel oldknowmellor mill
Thumb Photograph of Glen Cottage Lock 6 At lock 6 there used to be a lock-keeper's cottage called Glen Cottage but it was demolished during the 1960's. This picture is from the early 1900... Unknown canallock 6marple locksglen cottage
Thumb Oldknow Life and Times by Joseph Wright of Derby c 1790 - 92 Copy of article on Oldknow Life and Times by Joseph Wright of Derby c 1790 - 92, as revised by A.C.Howe on date unknown. Extracted from Oxford Dict... Unknown joseph wrightoxford dictionary of national biographyoldknowdocument
Thumb Posset Bridge Article about how Posset Bridge got its name. Unknown river goytnavigation innpeak forest canalposset bridgesamuel oldknowmarple church
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 6 Photocopy of original of list of apprentices at Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840. Unknown apprenticeroyal military asylumLt. colonel williamsonsamuel oldknowmellor mill
Thumb Hand-drawn plans of Mellor Lodge Plate 2 Detailed, hand-drawn plans of Mellor Lodge Plate 2, cellar level. Unknown cellardrawingsmellor lodgesqueaky dixon
Thumb Epaulette, Masonic lodge Photograph of possible epaulette linked to Masonic lodge of which Oldknow was member Unknown oldknowmasonic lodgeepaulettephotograph
Thumb Mill Chimney in field below Red Row Photograph of Mill Chimney in field below Red Row Unknown red rowphotographmellor millmill chimney
Thumb Cog from spinning machine (top down view) Cog from spinning machine - top down view Unknown findmellor millspinning machinecog
Thumb Thomas Oldknow Photocopy of a portrait, possibly Samuel Oldknow's brother Thomas Unknown brotherthomas oldknowsamuel oldknow