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Thumb Washer Washer . Part of engine hold-down mechanism. Matching spanner and nut itemised elsewhere in archive. Unknown enginefindmellor millwasher
Thumb Photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge Very small black and white photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge. Gentleman standing at front gate. Probably Edwardian era. Unknown edwardianphotooldknows bridgemellor lodge
Thumb Records of purchases for Mellor Mill Various extracts from Oldknow company records of purchases for Mellor Mill throwing light on equipment and working methods, also Oldknow's rental o... From 1 Jan 1797 to 31 Dec 1801 receiptrent paymentpower transmission equipmill purchasestraden farmtruck moneymagnetsteel wirecandlesoldknowcompany recordsmellor mill
Thumb Information on Marple Landslip 1893 Update by Warwick Burton in 1980 to book "Railways of Marple and District" published 1794. Gives details of the Marple Landslip in December 1893 be... From 1 Jan 1980 to 31 Dec 1980 documentrailwaymarple lodgelandslip
Thumb Information about Mellor Mill from local resident George Yeates via Tom Oldham Typewritten notes from memories apparently collected by Tom Oldham from a local resident, George Yeates. Includes descriptions and personal reminis... From 31 Dec 1969 to 31 Dec 1979 memoriesgeorge yeatestom oldhamdocumentoldknowcounting houseaccount bookslinnet clough mill pondwaterloo wheelspade forge
Thumb Information about Mellor Mill referenced against missing sketch map Typewritten notes by Tom Oldham about Mellor Mill and its surrounding area, refenced against sketch map which is missing From 31 Dec 1969 to 31 Dec 1979 sketch map referencesmellor milltom oldham
Thumb Letter re lack of records for Derbyshire Agricultural Society Typewritten letter from Derbyshire Library Services regarding Derbyshire Agricultural Society, of which Oldknow was President. It states that there... 19 Jul 1979 oldknowdocumentderbyshire agricultural society
Thumb Extract from Farey's Derbyshire Typewritten extracts from Farey's Derbyshire re Samuel Oldknow's agricultural practice. From 1 Jan 1813 to 31 Dec 1813 fareybowercoal minestor mineold hall woodcrowstonecompstall bridgeludworthshaw hayernocroftbroadhurst edgemarple chapelbrabinsMellorchisworthbore lanenew millseaves knowlcoalmellor chapellonghurst lanesamuel oldknowcess pool watermarple kilnsglossoplimesafe whim
Thumb Newspaper extract re recent building Typewritten extract from Ashton & Hyde Reporter about the recent building expansion in Marple. E. Tempest bought land, and had to demolish Brick Ro... 4 May 1895 marpleE.Tempestarkwright roadbrick rowashton & hyde reporter
Thumb Letter dated 1806 about rebuilding of Marple Chapel (2 pages) Typewritten copy of letter, apparently to Bishop of Chester from Oldknow, dated 1806, about rebuilding of Marple Chapel (all Saints) and difficulty... 21 Jun 1806 All Saintsmarple chapel rebuildingbishop of chesteroldknowletterdocument
Thumb Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history Typed notes on Hyde Bank Hall and estate with their short history in relation to Oldknow Unknown oldknowdocumentcanal bridgecanalhyde bank estate romileyhyde bank hall
Thumb Extracts from Stockport Advertiser 1826 and 1828 Two typewritten extracts from Stockport Advertiser, for 1826 and 1828 respectively. First extract reports on recent anniversary of Mellor Church Su... From 1 Jan 1826 to 31 Dec 1828 documentoldknow memorialfundraisingoldknowsunday school anniversarymellor churchStockport Advertiser
Thumb Glass thread guides Two glass thread guides - for spun thread to roll over. Glass could withstand heat of machine. One thread guide has been distorted by the heat of t... Unknown firefindmellor millglass thread guide
Thumb Small line drawing of Mellor Lodge (South Front) Two copies of small line drawing of Mellor Lodge, one captioned Mellor Lodge, South Front. The other includes a printed description of Marple envir... 24 Sep 1889 marple environmentdrawingmellor lodge
Thumb Roman Lakes Bridge Two colour photograph showing bridge and hut over the Roman Lakes in Marple. The Red Row houses can be seen on the hill in the background. From 1 Jan 1990 to 1 Jan 2000 roman lakesmarple
Thumb Extract re mill and its locality Transcribed extracts from local paper, possibly 1930s - 1950s. Describes remains of mill and Mellor Lodge, also removal of mill head stone to Marpl... From 1 Jan 1930 to 31 Dec 1950 stone rowoldknowmill head stonemellor lodgeruinsmellor mill
Thumb Newspaper extract on labour trouble at Mellor Mill in 1842 Transcribed extract from Stockport Advertiser giving account of labour trouble at various mills in Marple area, including Mellor Mill, where steam... 26 Aug 1842 mellor millwalkoutslabour troubledocumentStockport Advertiser
Thumb Transcribed extract from 1901 census Transcribed extract from 1901 census, including details fro Mellor Lodge and Bottoms Hall From 1 Jan 1901 to 31 Dec 1901 bottoms hallmellor lodge1901 census
Thumb Transcribed extract from 1891 census Transcribed extract from 1891 census including details for Mellor Lodge and Bottoms Hall From 1 Jan 1891 to 31 Dec 1891 documentbottoms hallmellor lodge1891 census
Thumb Transcribed extract from 1881 census Transcribed and annotated extract from 1881 census, including details of Mellor lodge and Bottoms Hall From 1 Jan 1881 to 31 Dec 1881 bottoms hallmellor lodge1881 censusdocument
Thumb Earthenware Jar Top section of a broken earthenware jar. Cream with intact brown rim. Found at Mellor Lodge. Approximately 20cm wide with opening approximately 1... Unknown findjarearthenwaremellor lodge
Thumb Top Lock cottages Top Lock cottages are alongside the Macclesfield canal near the junction with the Peak Forest canal. Oldknow was involved in planning this canal al... 11 Mar 1964 marple lock flightmarplecanal
Thumb Tollgate cottage in St. Martin's Road Tollgate cottage is close to Oldknow's warehouse. The distinctive feature is the door on the corner to give the toll collector a view along the roa... From 1 Apr 1965 to 31 Oct 1965 toll collectortollhousemarple
Thumb Three fliers from spinning machines Three fliers of different sizes from spinning machines. Found in mechanical workshop. Unknown findmellor millfliers
Thumb Ceramic bearings for spinning spindle Three ceramic bearings for spinning spindle , Found in drive shaft corridor Unknown spindleceramic bearingsmellor millfind
Thumb Postcard 'The Aqueduct, Marple' c1900 This postcard shows a scene approaching the Aqueduct from the Narrows, in the early 1900's, with what appears to be the derelict shell of the first... Unknown canalaqueductlocks
Thumb Horse drawn barge This picture was taken during the 200th anniversary celebrations of the canal. It shows a barge in lock 12 being towed by a horse like all the bar... 3 Jul 2004 peak forest canalmarple lock flight
Thumb Photograph of a Packet Boat at The Winding Hole This picture above shows just how incredibly busy these so-called packet-boats were before the railways took over. This is despite Joel Wainwright ... Unknown winding holemarplecanalboat
Thumb Photograph of workmen on Lock 7 This photograph of men working on Lock 7. The picture perhaps dates from the 1930/40s Unknown canalmarple lockslock 7
Thumb Flesh book This book recorded the payment of meat, or disbursement to Samuel Oldknow's workers. This would have been most likely as a payment in kind for wages. From 1 Jan 1793 to 31 Dec 1793 meatwages