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Thumb Interior of All Saints' old church The interior of All Saints' Old church (Oldknow's church) decorated for the first Harvest Thanksgiving. The range given below is the period for wh... From 1 Jan 1811 to 30 Jun 1880 harvestmarpleall saints churchAll Saintsmarple church
Thumb Deterioration of All Saints Church Photocopy of illustrated article on Marple "Old" Church (All Saints) built by Oldknow, and its subsequent deterioration and replacement (1870s). From 1 Jan 1870 to 31 Dec 1879 oldknowmarple old church deteriorationdocumentillustrated articleAll Saints
Thumb Letter dated 1806 about rebuilding of Marple Chapel (2 pages) Typewritten copy of letter, apparently to Bishop of Chester from Oldknow, dated 1806, about rebuilding of Marple Chapel (all Saints) and difficulty... 21 Jun 1806 All Saintsmarple chapel rebuildingbishop of chesteroldknowletterdocument
Thumb Chapel House farm Chapel House Farm is also known as Sutton's farm or Collier's Fold. All Saints' church had had a school since 1603. In 1831 the first All Saints' N... From 1 Jan 1965 to 31 Dec 1965 SchoolAll Saintsmarple
Thumb View from tower of All Saints' old church looking south In Oldknow's time this view would have been entirely rural. The large building on the right is Goyt Mill which was built in the early 20th century ... From 1 Apr 1963 to 30 Apr 1983 CHURCHAll Saintshousemill chimneymarple
Thumb All Saints' old church-roof All Saints' old church roof from tower, just before demolition of nave-note holes. From 1 Apr 1963 to 30 Apr 1963 All SaintsCHURCHmarple
Thumb All Saints' old church-interiors All Saints' old church interiors taken just before demolition. a) from gallery. b) floor level c) pulpit; note fireplace From 1 Apr 1963 to 30 Apr 1963 marpleAll SaintsCHURCH
Thumb All Saints' old church- exteriors. All Saints old church-Built in 1808-11 to replace a smaller chapel, seating only 212 which had been built on the same site. The road was diverted t... 3 Apr 1959 CHURCHAll Saintsmarple
Thumb All Saints' old church-south exterior All Saints' old church south exterior; built in 1808 3 Apr 1959 All SaintsCHURCHmarple