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Thumb Glass thread guides Two glass thread guides - for spun thread to roll over. Glass could withstand heat of machine. One thread guide has been distorted by the heat of t... Unknown firefindmellor millglass thread guide
Thumb Letter regarding first sighting of fire Letter claiming mill fire first spotted by footplate crew of train on Marple - New Mills line 6 Jul 1993 fire sighting by train crewdocumentfiremellor mill
Thumb Glossop Chronicle extract re fire Copy of extracted details from Glossop Chronicle giving basic facts of mill and fire 17 Nov 1892 oldknowspinningdocumentemployeesfiremellor mill
Thumb Handwritten extracts from Stockport Advertiser re Stressed Employees Fund (2 pages) Handwritten extracts from Stockport Advertiser articles (on Dec 9, 13 and 30 1892 and Jan - Apr 1893) about fundraising for Stressed Employees); fo... From 9 Dec 1892 to 14 Apr 1893 mill rebuildingfundraising eventsdocumentstressed employees fundfiremellor mill
Thumb Stockport Advertiser extract re treatment of employees after fire Copy of extract from Stockport Advertiser 17 Nov 1892 about 200 employees thrown out of work after fire gutted Mellor Mill. They also lost their ac... 17 Nov 1892 Stockport Advertiseremployeesdocument1892firemellor mill
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's corn mill before fire Photograph of Samuel Oldknow's corn mill in Mellor before fire in 1892. Front elevation(with gable end) of three storey building showing road in f... Before 31 Dec 1892 photographfireMellorcircular stone plaquecorn millolknow
Thumb Mill & Waterloo Wheel Pit Roof after fire 1782 Front of Mill & Waterloo Wheel Pit Roof after fire 1782 After 1 Jan 1782 firemellor milloldknow
Thumb Mellor Mill after fire 1892 Back of Mellor Mill after the fire in 1892 After 1 Jan 1892 mellor millfireoldknow
Thumb Mellor Mill after Fire 1892 Front view. Fire damage can be seen to the windows and roof. The entire shell of the Mill can be seen in this picture. After 1 Jan 1892 firemellor milloldknow