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Thumb Flesh book This book recorded the payment of meat, or disbursement to Samuel Oldknow's workers. This would have been most likely as a payment in kind for wages. From 1 Jan 1793 to 31 Dec 1793 meatwages
Thumb Earnings from The Strutt's and Arkwright's Extract re workers' earnings from The Strutts and Arkwright's, 1756 - 1850 by R S Fitton and A P Wordsworth (1958). Includes reasons for truck mone... 4 Apr 1958 financial difficulties1793wagestruck moneyemployeesmellor mill
Thumb Extract from Arkwright ledger relating to mill engine etc Extract from Arkwright ledger (balance sheets and breakdown of wages) relating to mill engine and construction of Willows reservoir etc 30 Jun 1905 workforce sizewageswillows reservoirmill enginemellor millArkwright ledger