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Thumb Press article on new book about Samuel Oldknow Newspaper cutting about the launch of Hilary Atkinson's new book on the life of Samuel Oldknow (Marple Review Autumn 2016). From 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Nov 2016 bookdocumenthilary atkinsonsamuel oldknowpress article
Thumb Portrait of Samuel Oldknow (pen and ink) Pen and ink portrait of Samuel Oldknow. Provenance unknown. Unknown portraitsamuel oldknow
Thumb Article on disrepair of Mellor Lodge Article from Manchester Guardian in 1946 deploring decay of Mellor Lodge, illustrated by black and white photo of ruined building. Article recounts... From 1 Jan 1946 to 31 Dec 1946 manchester guardianpress articledocumentsamuel oldknowmellor lodge decay
Thumb Conveyance Documents Copy of documents of conveyance of lands and holdings in Marple and Mellor to John Clayton and Co. Ltd. from the will of R. Arkwright in 1876. Th... From 1 Jan 1895 to 31 Dec 1895 samuel oldknowarkwrightMellormarple
Thumb Title Deeds-Mellor and Marple Extracts of Title Deeds from 1895 of lands in Mellor and Marple signed to Frederick Charles Arkwright. This land was formally owned by Samuel Oldk... Circa 1890
Between 1 Jan 1890 and 31 Dec 1900
samuel oldknowarkwrightmarpleMellor
Thumb History Trail of Mellor Mill Leaflet showing trail of Samuel Oldknow's Mellor Mill and surrounding valley area. Produced by Friends of Our Valley and funded by Marple Area Comm... After 31 Dec 2012 marpleroman lakessamuel oldknowmellor mill
Thumb Roman Lakes Leisure Park History Trail Free handout of the Roman Lakes Leisure Park History Trail giving significant history of various points on the trail. After 1 Jan 2011 samuel oldknowold hallhistory trailroman lakes
Thumb Marriage record of Samuel Oldknow's parents. Marriage record announcing the marriage of Samuel Oldknow's parents in 1754. 10 Sep 1754 samuel darbishirest.wilfredsamuel oldknowmargery foster
Thumb SO's biography by A.C. Howe Oxford Dictionary of Biography: Samuel Oldknow's Biography by A.C. Howe From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 cotton lordssteam-powered mill1790peelsfinishing worksheaton merseystockportweavingwindingwarping1784hand-loom weaversarkwrightsenlighten mentjoseph wrightbotany bay1789indian muslins1779spinning mulemuslin1781thomas oldknowrivington and blackrod grammar schooljohn claytonthomas fostermargery fosternottinghamlancashireanderton5.10.17561756-1828samuel oldknow
Thumb SO's aims from Classic Soil extract from "Classic Soil:Community,Aspirations and Debate in the Bolton Region of Lancashire,1819 - 1845" by Malcolm Hardman From 1 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2003 wesleyanismprimitive methodistscalvinistic faith1817methodistedward smithradical1816the alarming distress of the countrynapoleonic warsold rachel's farmsweetlove'sfarmprospect farmrivington unitarian chapelroscoe loweliverpool1852 - 57bolton1800richard arkwright juniorderbyshire1787unitarianchapel house account of rivingtonanderton1793widow capetmartha shawsamuel oldknowmousselinemarie antoinette
Thumb photocopy of SO's Will Samuel Oldknow's Will 23 Feb 1829 godwin and coportsmouthsouthamptonjohn oakshott1829j.p.cromptoncharles horsleywilliam duckworthedward fearnheadjohn braddockjohn claytonphebe oldknowjane joallelizabeth claytonann claytonmartha oldknowmargery mary bullivantcaroline beeveeelizabeth dooleywillsamuel oldknow
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 calico weaversmuslin weavers1788thomas horsfield1785thomas swiftstockport1784richard arkwrights and w saltemanchesterchorley hallabraham cromptonmuslinssmyrnast dominigobrazilberbice17831786messrs salte of london1782andertonballassore handkerchiefssamuel oldknowjohn claytonroscoe lowe
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish References to SO in T C Porteus' "A History of the parish of Standish". pp 34 - 39 References to Porteus as collaborative by Irwin in his book. ... From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 Mellormuslinsbuff jennetsherringbonesqueens cordsking's cordsvelveteensvelveretsroscoe lowethomas fostermargery fosternottingham5.10.1756indian stylejapanned muslinsjaconetbalassore handkerchiefssir richard arkwrightthomas ainswortheast india companyjoseph shawmr.j.pilkingtonsamuel oldknow1763treaty of parisalexander shaw1685edict of nantesboltonandertonspinning and weaving
Thumb Map of Crosses Estate Map of Crosses Estate showing some of the field names in Samuel Oldknow's letter to the school governors in 1809 looking to sell them his Crosses e... From 1 Jan 1809 to 31 Dec 1809 school governersmothersamuel oldknowfield namescrosses estate
Thumb Rivington Grammar School Rivington Grammar School as it may have looked when SO and Thomas Oldknow attended Unknown thomas oldknowsamuel oldknowrivington and blackrod grammar school
Thumb Rivington Unitarian Chapel Notes on Rivington Unitarian Chapel by Margaret English 22 Nov 2013 john claytonmargaret fosterjohn rowlinsonstockportrichard arkwrightmuslinroscow low farmelizabeth oldknowandertonnottinghamcalvertonsamuel oldknowrivington unitarian chapelchorley hisorical society
Thumb History of Rivington and Blackrod grammar school 2 Pictures of house with Samuel Oldknow's initials above the door, and the River Douglas which powered two mills at Anderton Manor Unknown anderton manorriver douglasmuslinssamuel oldknow
Thumb History of Rivington and Blackrod grammar school "The History of Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School" by Margaret M. Kay Unknown the crossesrichard arkwright1783governer's meetingeast india company1765ushersamuel oldknowrivington and blackrod grammar school
Thumb Thomas Oldknow Photocopy of a portrait, possibly Samuel Oldknow's brother Thomas Unknown brotherthomas oldknowsamuel oldknow
Thumb Brick Row, Marple Photocopy showing Brick Row in Marple which was built by Samuel Oldknow for his workers. 18th century
Between 1 Jan 1700 and 31 Dec 1799
samuel oldknowmarplebrick row
Thumb Sale of Chapel House Farm 2 Sale of Chapel House Farm, originally part of Samuel Oldknow's estate, Property description From 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2014 samuel oldknowpeak forest canalstockportmarplebrickbridge road
Thumb Extract from 'English Historical' Review Extract from 'English Historical' Review, of two modern comments on Samuel Oldknow. Unknown Armytage Heavensuniversity of sheffieldSidney Pollardbankruptcywindfall profitssamuel oldknowenglish historical review
Thumb Extract from Farey's Derbyshire Typewritten extracts from Farey's Derbyshire re Samuel Oldknow's agricultural practice. From 1 Jan 1813 to 31 Dec 1813 fareybowercoal minestor mineold hall woodcrowstonecompstall bridgeludworthshaw hayernocroftbroadhurst edgemarple chapelbrabinsMellorchisworthbore lanenew millseaves knowlcoalmellor chapellonghurst lanesamuel oldknowcess pool watermarple kilnsglossoplimesafe whim
Thumb Notice warning against theft Photocopy of Notice, warning against theft from Samuel Oldknow's orchards & gardens, & offering a reward for convicting information. 16 Jul 1793 crimetheftgardensorchardssamuel oldknow
Thumb Posset Bridge Article about how Posset Bridge got its name. Unknown river goytnavigation innpeak forest canalposset bridgesamuel oldknowmarple church
Thumb Poster prohibiting swearing Poster prohibiting Swearing 1 Dec 1797 mellor millrulecursingdrunkennesssamuel oldknow
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 4 Photocopy of original list of apprentices in Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840. Unknown royal military asylumglossopLt. colonel williamsonmellor millsamuel oldknow
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 7 Photocopy of original list of apprentices at Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840. Unknown royal military asylumLt. colonel williamsonglossopmellor millsamuel oldknow
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 6 Photocopy of original of list of apprentices at Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840. Unknown apprenticeroyal military asylumLt. colonel williamsonsamuel oldknowmellor mill
Thumb Cotton mill apprentices in Mellor Mill 5 Photocopy of original list of apprentices at Mellor Mill 1823 - 1840 Unknown royal military asylumLt. colonel williamsonglossopsamuel oldknowmellor mill