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Thumb Photo of bridge over Goyt Black and white photo of bridge over Goyt at bottom of Oldknows Road. Group of people in Edwardian clothing is standing on bridge. Unknown edwardianoldknows bridgephoto
Thumb Colour postcard of Marple Lodge Colour postcard of ivy-clad Marple Lodge with bridge in foreground. Postmarked Marple Bridge, 6 Aug 1908. 6 Aug 1908 oldknows bridgemarple lodgepostcard
Thumb Photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge Very small black and white photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge. Gentleman standing at front gate. Probably Edwardian era. Unknown edwardianphotooldknows bridgemellor lodge
Thumb Postcard of Oldknows Bridge Postcard of Oldknows Bridge from line drawing, showing Mellor Lodge in background. Inscribed J Wainwright November 1898. 15 Nov 1898 wainwrightdrawingoldknows bridgepostcard