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Thumb Detail from modern Ordnance Survey map 2000 Detail from modern Ordnance Survey map covering site (not marked) of Mellor Mill 2000 After 1 Jan 2000 ordnance surveymodernmellor millmap
Thumb Mellor Mill Ordnance Survey map 1898 Detail from 1898 Ordnance Survey map of Mellor Mill (including Bottom's hall). Map indicated arrival of probable warehouse 1 Jan 1898 ordnance surveywarehousemellor mill site developmentmap
Thumb Large scale map showing mill and Old Hall Large scale map showing mill's situation in relation to Old Hall Unknown mapold hallmellor mill
Thumb Past and present Goyt course Map illustrating past and present Goyt course at Mellor Mill (as altered by Oldknow) Unknown mellor millmapoldknowGoyt
Thumb Burdett map of Derbyshire Extract from Burdett map of Derbyshire, as far as Hadfield in the north and Hayfield in the south Unknown derbyshiremapburdett
Thumb Oldknow's factory Enlarged extract of map of Marple bridge and Mellor showing site of "Oldknow's factory" Unknown oldknowmellor millmap
Thumb Old map of Marple area Old map of Marple area, from Marple Hall/ Etherow across to Strines before construction of mill Unknown pre-millmarple areamap
Thumb Map showing Mellor Mill in relation to Ludworth Township Large scale extract from an old county map showing position of Mellor Mill and Lower Marple Unknown ludworthmellor millmap
Thumb Map of Legacy Project area map showing geographical extent of area covered by Samuel Oldknow's Legacy project Unknown oldknowHLF projectmap