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Thumb Counterbalance weight Counterbalance weight found in corridor in Mellor Mill. Weight with part of chain attached. Approximately 17cm long and approximately 4cm wide. C... Unknown findmellor millcounterbalanceweight
Thumb Earthenware Jar Top section of a broken earthenware jar. Cream with intact brown rim. Found at Mellor Lodge. Approximately 20cm wide with opening approximately 1... Unknown findjarearthenwaremellor lodge
Thumb Cast Iron Kettle Cast iron kettle found at Mellor Lodge. Well preserved with intact handle and spout. Length approximately 33cm. Unknown findmellor lodgekettle
Thumb Spanner with matching nut and washer Large spanner with nut and washer in matching sizes for a bolt to secure an engine. Found in Mellor Mill. Length of spanner approximately 90cm an... Unknown findwashernutspannermellor mill
Thumb Collection of Rivets Collection of 10 boiler rivets found in the boiler house in Mellor Mill. Some more preserved than others. 3 with obvious domed heads and one still... Unknown mellor millboilerhouserivets
Thumb Square Key Square key found in the boiler house at Mellor Mill. Roughly 22cm long and 5cm wide. Unknown boilerhousefindsquare keymellor mill
Thumb Drill bit Drill bit with morse taper from the drive shaft at Mellor Mill. Would have worked roughly 1 inch into steel. Approximately 21cm long and 2.5cm wide. Unknown mellor millmorse taperdrill bitdrive shaftfind
Thumb Section of Spinning Machine Bed Machine bed from Samuel Brooks spinning machine. Found in corridor at the back of Mellor Mill. Top left hand section remaining. Letters in rel... Unknown findmellor millspinning machinesamuel brooksmachine bed
Thumb Plan of Mellor Mill 1909 Plan of Mellor Mill extracted from Ordnance Survey annotated with features, 1909 Unknown ordnance surveymellor millplan
Thumb Detail from modern Ordnance Survey map 2000 Detail from modern Ordnance Survey map covering site (not marked) of Mellor Mill 2000 After 1 Jan 2000 ordnance surveymodernmellor millmap
Thumb Mellor Mill Ordnance Survey map 1898 Detail from 1898 Ordnance Survey map of Mellor Mill (including Bottom's hall). Map indicated arrival of probable warehouse 1 Jan 1898 ordnance surveywarehousemellor mill site developmentmap
Thumb Mellor Mill from Ordnance Survey map 1880 Large scale extract of plan from 1880 Ordnance Survey map of Mellor Mill 1 Jan 1880 ordnance surveymellor millplan
Thumb Plan of Mellor Mill 1867 (after Ashmore 1989) Plan of Mellor Mill (after Ashmore 1989). Reproduced from Stockport: A History, by Peter Arrowsmith 1 Jan 1867 planarrowsmithashmoremellor mill
Thumb Large scale map showing mill and Old Hall Large scale map showing mill's situation in relation to Old Hall Unknown mapold hallmellor mill
Thumb Past and present Goyt course Map illustrating past and present Goyt course at Mellor Mill (as altered by Oldknow) Unknown mellor millmapoldknowGoyt
Thumb Founding of Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company Item from Derbyshire Record Office intimating founding of Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company in 1823. Line opened 1830. Mention of Cromford b... 1 Jan 1829 cromford branch lineliverpool and manchester railway
Thumb Burdett map of Derbyshire Extract from Burdett map of Derbyshire, as far as Hadfield in the north and Hayfield in the south Unknown derbyshiremapburdett
Thumb Oldknow's factory Enlarged extract of map of Marple bridge and Mellor showing site of "Oldknow's factory" Unknown oldknowmellor millmap
Thumb Longhurst Lane in Mellor Information on development of Longhurst Lane in Mellor Unknown developmentbottoms hallturnpikelonghurst lane
Thumb Ordnance Survey maps overlaid onto modern map Sequence of dated Ordnance Survey maps overlaid onto modern OS mapping, illustrating development of Mellor Mill site over time. Attached to email ... Unknown mellor mill site developmentOS maps
Thumb Old map of Marple area Old map of Marple area, from Marple Hall/ Etherow across to Strines before construction of mill Unknown pre-millmarple areamap
Thumb Map showing Mellor Mill in relation to Ludworth Township Large scale extract from an old county map showing position of Mellor Mill and Lower Marple Unknown ludworthmellor millmap
Thumb Map of Legacy Project area map showing geographical extent of area covered by Samuel Oldknow's Legacy project Unknown oldknowHLF projectmap
Thumb Marriage record of Samuel Oldknow's parents. Marriage record announcing the marriage of Samuel Oldknow's parents in 1754. 10 Sep 1754 samuel darbishirest.wilfredsamuel oldknowmargery foster
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's biography by A.C. Howe Oxford Dictionary of national Biography: Samuel Oldknow's Biography: Acknowledgments From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 leedstemple newsam housej.wright of derbylikenessesa.c. howelondon friendly hospital correspondence re employment of apprenticesmanchester archives & local studiesmanchester cljrl correspondence & papersbaltimore business & estate papersjohn hopkins universitycorrespondence and paperscol.u1977derbyshire archaeological journalsamuel pldknow and the peak forest canald.j. hodgkins1899memories of marple
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's biography by A.C.Howe 2 Samuel Oldknow's biography From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 gentlemen24.09.182818.09.18281828chairman of agricultural society1824high sheriff of derbyshirevolunteerslieutenant-colonelnapoleonic warsmedieval fortressespeak forest canalturnpike roadsbridgescoal-shaftslimekilnsmarpleparish apprenticescoarse yarnapprenticeswater-poweredfactoryderbyshireMellor1787andertonstockport1792economic crisisfine-cotton spinningoldknowmuslins1788richard arkwrightstruttsarkwrights
Thumb SO's biography by A.C. Howe Oxford Dictionary of Biography: Samuel Oldknow's Biography by A.C. Howe From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 cotton lordssteam-powered mill1790peelsfinishing worksheaton merseystockportweavingwindingwarping1784hand-loom weaversarkwrightsenlighten mentjoseph wrightbotany bay1789indian muslins1779spinning mulemuslin1781thomas oldknowrivington and blackrod grammar schooljohn claytonthomas fostermargery fosternottinghamlancashireanderton5.10.17561756-1828samuel oldknow
Thumb SO's aims from Classic Soil extract from "Classic Soil:Community,Aspirations and Debate in the Bolton Region of Lancashire,1819 - 1845" by Malcolm Hardman From 1 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2003 wesleyanismprimitive methodistscalvinistic faith1817methodistedward smithradical1816the alarming distress of the countrynapoleonic warsold rachel's farmsweetlove'sfarmprospect farmrivington unitarian chapelroscoe loweliverpool1852 - 57bolton1800richard arkwright juniorderbyshire1787unitarianchapel house account of rivingtonanderton1793widow capetmartha shawsamuel oldknowmousselinemarie antoinette
Thumb SO's aims from Classic Soil Extracts from " Classic Soil:Community,Aspiration and Debate in the Bolton Region of Lancashire,1819 - 1845" by Malcolm Hardman From 1 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2003 boltonindustrial revolutionrivington1786indonesiaindiast. petersburgleipzigbrusselsparisphiladelphialondonbrazilsudanegyptsamuel oldknow junior1764roscoe lowejoseph shaw1762andertonmargaret fosternottingham
Thumb photocopy of SO's Will Samuel Oldknow's Will 23 Feb 1829 godwin and coportsmouthsouthamptonjohn oakshott1829j.p.cromptoncharles horsleywilliam duckworthedward fearnheadjohn braddockjohn claytonphebe oldknowjane joallelizabeth claytonann claytonmartha oldknowmargery mary bullivantcaroline beeveeelizabeth dooleywillsamuel oldknow