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Thumb Insurance record relating to mill (pages 1 - 3 of 10 pages) Insurance record relating to mill from collections in Guildhall Library (now part of London metropolitan Museum). From 1 Jan 1797 to 31 Dec 1799 mellor millinsurance records
Thumb Weavers payslip 27th September 1794 Handwritten payslip. Weaver's pay slip from Samuel Oldknow's counting house. 27 Sep 1794 payslipweavercounting houseoldknow
Thumb Notice warning against theft Photocopy of Notice, warning against theft from Samuel Oldknow's orchards & gardens, & offering a reward for convicting information. 16 Jul 1793 crimetheftgardensorchardssamuel oldknow
Thumb Flesh book This book recorded the payment of meat, or disbursement to Samuel Oldknow's workers. This would have been most likely as a payment in kind for wages. From 1 Jan 1793 to 31 Dec 1793 meatwages
Thumb 1790 Date stone, after fire Mellor Mill Photograph of date stone in position after fire 1790 Stone tablet bearing Samuel Oldknow's initials So and date 1790. Year foundation stone of mill... After 31 Jan 1790 mellor millstoneoldknow
Thumb Mill & Waterloo Wheel Pit Roof after fire 1782 Front of Mill & Waterloo Wheel Pit Roof after fire 1782 After 1 Jan 1782 firemellor milloldknow
Thumb Marriage record of Samuel Oldknow's parents. Marriage record announcing the marriage of Samuel Oldknow's parents in 1754. 10 Sep 1754 samuel darbishirest.wilfredsamuel oldknowmargery foster
Thumb Brick Row, Marple Photocopy showing Brick Row in Marple which was built by Samuel Oldknow for his workers. 18th century
Between 1 Jan 1700 and 31 Dec 1799
samuel oldknowmarplebrick row