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Flexible labour at Mellor Mill

Brief notes on flexible nature of workforce in late 1790s, detailing Old...


Inward migration of labour to Mellor Mill

Brief notes on background to movement of labour from south and east of E...


Apprentice numbers at Mellor Mill

.Brief notes on numbers of apprentices at Mellor Mill in 1794-4. Summary...

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A group of local volunteers have been working hard for over a year to shape and create our online archive. They have started scanning photographs, maps, postcards and finds from the archaeology digs, so that you can search for them and find out more about Samuel Oldknow and the legacy he has left.

This is just the start of our archive, with over 300 exciting items for you to search, so if you have any items related to Oldknow that you’d like us to consider for inclusion, please get in touch. Search through the latest items we have uploaded, and please share your thoughts and memories.

You can see the full Archive here. We have big plans for this online resource; this is just the beginning!

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14 May 2017

Finding the workforce for Mellor Mill

3 Apr 2017

Why Burn Limestone?

30 Mar 2017

Map of Marple Locks

20 Jan 2017

Workers Lives



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