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Thumb Photo of entrance to saw pits Black and white photo showing entrance to saw pits at Mellor Mill .Dated 1938 and signed 'Fletcher'. From 1 Jan 1938 to 31 Dec 1938 saw pitsphotomellor mill
Thumb Photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge Very small black and white photo of entrance across bridge to Mellor Lodge. Gentleman standing at front gate. Probably Edwardian era. Unknown edwardianphotooldknows bridgemellor lodge
Thumb Photo of bridge over Goyt Black and white photo of bridge over Goyt at bottom of Oldknows Road. Group of people in Edwardian clothing is standing on bridge. Unknown edwardianoldknows bridgephoto
Thumb Photographs of before and after Lock 1 clearing 1967 These before and after photographs of Lock 1, taken from the 1967 Marple Rally of Boats programme, illustrate how badly the condition of the locks ... From 1 Jan 1967 to 31 Dec 1967 canalmarple locksLock 1
Thumb Photograph of workmen on Lock 7 This photograph of men working on Lock 7. The picture perhaps dates from the 1930/40s Unknown canalmarple lockslock 7
Thumb Photograph of Tollgate Cottage close to ruin in 1955 at Lock 10 Alongside Lock 10 stands Tollgate Cottage. You'd never realise by looking at it today but this delightful building was close to ruin in 1955. It wa... From 1 Jan 1955 to 31 Dec 1955 marple lockslock 10
Thumb Photograph of the boatyard at Lock 16 From 1840 to about 1935 the boatyard was operated by the Jinks family, who lived at Top Lock House. On a larger copy of the old photograph below, t... Unknown boatyardjinksgeneral smithmarple lockslock 16
Thumb Photograph of Squeaky Dixon Copy of photograph of Squeaky Dixon, taken about 1990, who lived at Mellor Lodge and drew detailed plans of Mellor Mill. Acquired his nickname beca... Circa 1985
Between 1 Jan 1985 and 31 Dec 1995
mellor mill drawingsmellor lodgephotographsqueaky dixon
Thumb Photograph of Oldknow's warehouse at Lock 9 Access to Oldknow's warehouse was by both road and canal. Much of the raw materials needed in his mill and the goods made there would have been tra... Unknown marple lockslock 9
Thumb Photograph of Marple Viaduct The Marple Viaduct runs parallel to the Aqueduct and carries the railway one hundred and twenty-four feet above the River Goyt. The Viaduct was con... Unknown viaductmarplelocksarches
Thumb Photograph of Marple from Posset Bridge at Lock 13 The photograph above, dating from the turn of the last century, shows the view from Posset bridge looking towards the centre of Marple. What is no... Unknown the navigationposset bridgemarple locksLock 13
Thumb Photograph of Lock Keepers Cottage at Lock 9 The cottage alongside Lock 9 is another former lock-keeper's cottage and now a listed building. The owners have put a lot of effort into restoring ... Unknown marple lockslock 9
Thumb Photograph of Lock 8 before bridge widening The view looking towards Bridge number 17 and Lock 9 has not changed enormously since the canal was first built, although the bridge itself has bee... Unknown marple lockslock 8
Thumb Photograph of Glen Cottage Lock 6 At lock 6 there used to be a lock-keeper's cottage called Glen Cottage but it was demolished during the 1960's. This picture is from the early 1900... Unknown canallock 6marple locksglen cottage
Thumb Photograph of Black Wharf and Brick Row at Lock 12 The great old picture of Black Wharf below is very interesting as you can see Brick Row, built by Oldknow for his workers, in the background to the... Unknown marple lockslock 12
Thumb Photograph of a Packet Boat at The Winding Hole This picture above shows just how incredibly busy these so-called packet-boats were before the railways took over. This is despite Joel Wainwright ... Unknown winding holemarplecanalboat
Thumb Photograph Marple Aqueduct c1900 The Aqueduct viewed from the footpath to Watermeetings Farm around a hundred years ago. Unknown photographlockscanalaqueduct
Thumb photocopy of SO's Will Samuel Oldknow's Will 23 Feb 1829 godwin and coportsmouthsouthamptonjohn oakshott1829j.p.cromptoncharles horsleywilliam duckworthedward fearnheadjohn braddockjohn claytonphebe oldknowjane joallelizabeth claytonann claytonmartha oldknowmargery mary bullivantcaroline beeveeelizabeth dooleywillsamuel oldknow
Thumb Past and present Goyt course Map illustrating past and present Goyt course at Mellor Mill (as altered by Oldknow) Unknown mellor millmapoldknowGoyt
Thumb Panoramic view of Bottoms Hall and farm Digitised copy of photographic slide of the Bottoms Hall and farm complex, taken from lower part of Linnet Clough in February 1993 From 1 Feb 1993 to 28 Feb 1993 bottoms hallphotograph
Thumb P9 Pitt Dixon book Marple Lime Kilns, Mineral Mill & Brickworks From 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2012 mineral mill & brickworksmarple lime kilns
Thumb P12 Pitt Dixon book Marple Lime Kilns, Mineral Mill & Brickworks From 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2012 mineral mill & brickworksmarple lime kilns
Thumb P11 Pitt Dixon book Marple Lime Kilns, Mineral Mill & Brickworks From 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2012 mineral mill & brickworksmarple lime kilns
Thumb P10 Pitt Dixon book Marple Lime Kilns, Mineral Mill & Brickworks From 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2012 mineral mill & brickworksmarple lime kilns
Thumb Oyster shell Oyster shell excavated from Mellor Mill. It was found in the Waterloo drive shaft tunnel. At the time of Samuel Oldknow, oysters and other shellfis... Unknown foodmellor millfinds
Thumb Ownership of Bottoms bridge, extract 2 Extract from M.E.N. re ownership of Bottoms bridge. Bridge built by Oldknow, in need of repair 14 Dec 1990 repairsbottoms bridgemellor mill
Thumb Ownership of Bottoms bridge Extract from Metro News re ownership of Bottoms bridge. Bridge built in 1790 by Oldknow in need of repair. 23 Aug 1991 bridge repairsmetro newsbottoms bridgemellor mill
Thumb Ordnance Survey maps overlaid onto modern map Sequence of dated Ordnance Survey maps overlaid onto modern OS mapping, illustrating development of Mellor Mill site over time. Attached to email ... Unknown mellor mill site developmentOS maps
Thumb On the Road to the Lakes. The Bottoms, Marple. Photograph copy of black and white photo showing a walking party on the Bottoms Mill Road to the Roman Lakes Circa 1895
Between 1 Jan 1895 and 31 Dec 1905
bottoms mill roadroman lakesmarple
Thumb Old map of Marple area Old map of Marple area, from Marple Hall/ Etherow across to Strines before construction of mill Unknown pre-millmarple areamap