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Thumb Stone Row, sketch plan Sketch plan of Stone Row Unknown sketch planstone row
Thumb Stone Row, Marple Stone Row, Marple From 1 Jan 1912 to 31 Dec 1912 marplestone row
Thumb Stockport Advertiser extract re treatment of employees after fire Copy of extract from Stockport Advertiser 17 Nov 1892 about 200 employees thrown out of work after fire gutted Mellor Mill. They also lost their ac... 17 Nov 1892 Stockport Advertiseremployeesdocument1892firemellor mill
Thumb Steam engine part Steam engine part. Found in engine house Unknown steam engine partfindmellor mill
Thumb Square Key Square key found in the boiler house at Mellor Mill. Roughly 22cm long and 5cm wide. Unknown boilerhousefindsquare keymellor mill
Thumb Spanner with matching nut and washer Large spanner with nut and washer in matching sizes for a bolt to secure an engine. Found in Mellor Mill. Length of spanner approximately 90cm an... Unknown findwashernutspannermellor mill
Thumb SO's biography by A.C. Howe Oxford Dictionary of Biography: Samuel Oldknow's Biography by A.C. Howe From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 cotton lordssteam-powered mill1790peelsfinishing worksheaton merseystockportweavingwindingwarping1784hand-loom weaversarkwrightsenlighten mentjoseph wrightbotany bay1789indian muslins1779spinning mulemuslin1781thomas oldknowrivington and blackrod grammar schooljohn claytonthomas fostermargery fosternottinghamlancashireanderton5.10.17561756-1828samuel oldknow
Thumb SO's aims from Classic Soil Extracts from " Classic Soil:Community,Aspiration and Debate in the Bolton Region of Lancashire,1819 - 1845" by Malcolm Hardman From 1 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2003 boltonindustrial revolutionrivington1786indonesiaindiast. petersburgleipzigbrusselsparisphiladelphialondonbrazilsudanegyptsamuel oldknow junior1764roscoe lowejoseph shaw1762andertonmargaret fosternottingham
Thumb SO's aims from Classic Soil extract from "Classic Soil:Community,Aspirations and Debate in the Bolton Region of Lancashire,1819 - 1845" by Malcolm Hardman From 1 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2003 wesleyanismprimitive methodistscalvinistic faith1817methodistedward smithradical1816the alarming distress of the countrynapoleonic warsold rachel's farmsweetlove'sfarmprospect farmrivington unitarian chapelroscoe loweliverpool1852 - 57bolton1800richard arkwright juniorderbyshire1787unitarianchapel house account of rivingtonanderton1793widow capetmartha shawsamuel oldknowmousselinemarie antoinette
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 fuller17801777sir richard arkwrightchadwick familyslitting millforgesjohn chadwickugnall1561arleyalexander rigbycoppullcrooke familystandishes of standishlower burghstandishes of arleyhenry charnockalice and james standishmargaret and richard ashtonellen and ralph molineux1423robert burghburgh estatebirkacre
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 heath charnockcharnock richardcoppullyarrow1777whitster1791birkacre1786heaton norristhomas oldknowMellorjohn claytonshaw place1787thomas swift1784professor unwintockholeschorleyshevingtonadlingtonstandish179017881785stockportanderton
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish References to SO in T C Porteus' "A History of the parish of Standish". pp 34 - 39 References to Porteus as collaborative by Irwin in his book. ... From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 Mellormuslinsbuff jennetsherringbonesqueens cordsking's cordsvelveteensvelveretsroscoe lowethomas fostermargery fosternottingham5.10.1756indian stylejapanned muslinsjaconetbalassore handkerchiefssir richard arkwrightthomas ainswortheast india companyjoseph shawmr.j.pilkingtonsamuel oldknow1763treaty of parisalexander shaw1685edict of nantesboltonandertonspinning and weaving
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 thomas wattspeter andertonjames andertonchadwick trusteesburgh and birkacre estate1824horrocksellis piggotblock printer's uniongraham18281790john mellorprinting tablescallendersvitriolmadderbirkacre house1782bolton and cocoppull church registeredward chadwickwilliam croftjoseph mortjohn mortjoseph bolton17811777lord belpermr struttbirkacrearkwrightcromfordmanchesterboltonwedgwood
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 calico weaversmuslin weavers1788thomas horsfield1785thomas swiftstockport1784richard arkwrights and w saltemanchesterchorley hallabraham cromptonmuslinssmyrnast dominigobrazilberbice17831786messrs salte of london1782andertonballassore handkerchiefssamuel oldknowjohn claytonroscoe lowe
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 eagle and child innthomas walshmansir richard claytonduke of bridgewaterjosiah wedgwoodwiganyork militiasir george savillechorley1779birkacrejohn crossjedediah struttsamuel needrichard arkwrightjohn chadwickedward chadwick
Thumb Small section of steam engine Small section of steam engine. Found in engine house. Unknown findmellor millengine housesteam engine
Thumb Small roller from spinning machine Small roller from spinning machine. Part of drive shaft. Unknown mellor millspinning machine rollerfind
Thumb Small line drawing of Mellor Lodge (South Front) Two copies of small line drawing of Mellor Lodge, one captioned Mellor Lodge, South Front. The other includes a printed description of Marple envir... 24 Sep 1889 marple environmentdrawingmellor lodge
Thumb Small clog heel Small clog heel. Found in rear mill staircase Unknown findmellor millsmall clog wheel
Thumb Sketch of limekilns and associated works Black and white sketch of Oldknow'slimekilns, associated works and buildings on Strines Road, Marple. Signature unclear Unknown sketchstrines rdlimekilns
Thumb Section of Spinning Machine Bed Machine bed from Samuel Brooks spinning machine. Found in corridor at the back of Mellor Mill. Top left hand section remaining. Letters in rel... Unknown findmellor millspinning machinesamuel brooksmachine bed
Thumb Section of lime plaster cornicing Section of lime plaster cornice from Mellor Lodge. Unknown mellor lodgefindcornice
Thumb Section of fire bar Section of fire bar from steam boiler grate. Found in boiler house coal store. Unknown boiler housefindmellor millfire bar
Thumb School at Mellor Lodge Earliest discovered reference to Mellor Lodge being used as school. Advertisement from Bradford Observer, Thursday August 12, 1880. 12 Aug 1880 articledocumentbradford observerlouisa allenSchoolmellor lodge
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church Marple Photocopy of 3 photographs of Samuel Oldknow's plaque in All Saints Church , Marple: the marble plaque, the inscription, the memorial's prominent ... Unknown photographmemorial inscriptionmarpleall saints churchmemorial plaqueoldknow
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's House on Higher Hillgate, ca 1930s Photograph of Samuel Oldknow's House on Higher Hillgate including other adjoining houses in terrace, mounted on A4 card, ca 1930s. Shows small fro... From 1 Jan 1930 to 31 Dec 1939 photographstockporthillgate houseoldknow
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's corn mill before fire Photograph of Samuel Oldknow's corn mill in Mellor before fire in 1892. Front elevation(with gable end) of three storey building showing road in f... Before 31 Dec 1892 photographfireMellorcircular stone plaquecorn millolknow
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's biography by A.C.Howe 2 Samuel Oldknow's biography From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 gentlemen24.09.182818.09.18281828chairman of agricultural society1824high sheriff of derbyshirevolunteerslieutenant-colonelnapoleonic warsmedieval fortressespeak forest canalturnpike roadsbridgescoal-shaftslimekilnsmarpleparish apprenticescoarse yarnapprenticeswater-poweredfactoryderbyshireMellor1787andertonstockport1792economic crisisfine-cotton spinningoldknowmuslins1788richard arkwrightstruttsarkwrights
Thumb Samuel Oldknow's biography by A.C. Howe Oxford Dictionary of national Biography: Samuel Oldknow's Biography: Acknowledgments From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 leedstemple newsam housej.wright of derbylikenessesa.c. howelondon friendly hospital correspondence re employment of apprenticesmanchester archives & local studiesmanchester cljrl correspondence & papersbaltimore business & estate papersjohn hopkins universitycorrespondence and paperscol.u1977derbyshire archaeological journalsamuel pldknow and the peak forest canald.j. hodgkins1899memories of marple
Thumb Sale of Chapel House Farm 5 Sale of Chapel House Farm, originally part of Samuel Oldknow's estate, continued. From 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2014 stablesclassic designpeak forest canal