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Thumb Samuel Oldknow's biography by A.C.Howe 2 Samuel Oldknow's biography From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Dec 2013 gentlemen24.09.182818.09.18281828chairman of agricultural society1824high sheriff of derbyshirevolunteerslieutenant-colonelnapoleonic warsmedieval fortressespeak forest canalturnpike roadsbridgescoal-shaftslimekilnsmarpleparish apprenticescoarse yarnapprenticeswater-poweredfactoryderbyshireMellor1787andertonstockport1792economic crisisfine-cotton spinningoldknowmuslins1788richard arkwrightstruttsarkwrights
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish History of Standish From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 calico weaversmuslin weavers1788thomas horsfield1785thomas swiftstockport1784richard arkwrights and w saltemanchesterchorley hallabraham cromptonmuslinssmyrnast dominigobrazilberbice17831786messrs salte of london1782andertonballassore handkerchiefssamuel oldknowjohn claytonroscoe lowe
Thumb SO references in History of Parish of Standish References to SO in T C Porteus' "A History of the parish of Standish". pp 34 - 39 References to Porteus as collaborative by Irwin in his book. ... From 1 Jan 1927 to 31 Dec 1927 Mellormuslinsbuff jennetsherringbonesqueens cordsking's cordsvelveteensvelveretsroscoe lowethomas fostermargery fosternottingham5.10.1756indian stylejapanned muslinsjaconetbalassore handkerchiefssir richard arkwrightthomas ainswortheast india companyjoseph shawmr.j.pilkingtonsamuel oldknow1763treaty of parisalexander shaw1685edict of nantesboltonandertonspinning and weaving
Thumb History of Rivington and Blackrod grammar school 2 Pictures of house with Samuel Oldknow's initials above the door, and the River Douglas which powered two mills at Anderton Manor Unknown anderton manorriver douglasmuslinssamuel oldknow